Monday, April 01, 2013

Baby time!

No, this isn't an announcement, readers! Just the theme of some sewing I've been doing lately!

One of the Squares, Q-B, recently became a grandmother (woo hoo!) and that much loved little one will need some baby swag! Off I went to Pinterest to select some goodies!

First up, the tag-y blanket from a tutorial  at Made by Me, Shared with you. I even had some minkee fabric for the back. I followed the directions pretty closely... only I was lazy and didn't baste the ribbon tags in place first. Speedy sewist that I am, I just can't get into basting! I didn't need quite as many ribbon tags as directed either. My cousin's little one has a tag-y like this and he loves it! Given that it's only 13 inches square, it's more of a snuggly toy than an actual blanket.

 I also made a diaper and wipes case from a tutorial over at  Feed the dogs. It's meant to hold a couple of diapers and a mini case of wipes for those times you don't want to carry the whole diaper bag.

I also made a couple burp cloths from Made by Rae. I love that one side is quilting cotton and that the other side is a recycled t-shirt. I can totally see me saving t-shirts for these. Only I think I'd make them larger next time!

And now for the star of the show - the door shhh-er! It's a little pad that attaches to the doorknobs on both sides and covers the locking mechanism on the door. No annoying click when the little person has just drifted off to sleep. I'm plotting my own tutorial for this one! Coming soon to a blog near you!

Add in one custom screen-printed onesie and the swag bag is complete. Sewing for babies is a lot of fun. They love everything and, given the amount of spitting up , it's okay if they have more than one!

Thanks for reading!



  1. I have never heard of these Tag-y blankets! Very cute.

  2. Everything is wonderful! And Baby-N (and his parents) loves them so far :) He's still a little young for the Tag-y blanket but he's starting to learn to grab and grip things so I'm sure he'll be loving it soon! We really appreciate all the wonderfully made swag and anything easily washable is perfect for the little one.

  3. So glad that Baby-N liked his presents... it was lots of fun to make them for him! I figured he'd already have a quilt (or two)!


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