Monday, October 28, 2013

Kona Quandary

If the question is fabric, my answer these days seems to be Kona!

I've got to get out of the funk I'm in and start something new and fresh, so  I've decided to make (yet another) baby quilt. This one's got an intended home, so at least that's a little different for me!

Here's my inspiration pic... found on Pinterest and attributed to Red Pepper Quilts. When I scanned through 4 years of her completed quilts in an attempt to get a direct source, I couldn't find it. As an aside (and there are many of those on this blog!), whilst scanning I came to realize just how many projects from Red Pepper Quilts I have pinned on my boards. Yikes!Red Pepper Quilts
I'm going to use some lovely girl-y prints that have been hanging out in the stash for some time. They were collected on subsequent trips to numerous Marden's stores in Maine. Now the quandary - which Kona to use in place of the brown? I'm thinking pink and have narrowed it down to two choices (though I'm still open to suggestions from left field!)

Option 1: Pearl Pink - I like that it's so pale as to almost read as white, but not so stark a contrast as white with those bright prints.
Option 2: Peony - I live in fear of this being too bubblegum-ish. (I didn't even entertain the thought of using Kona Bubblegum... yowzah!)
So, dear reader, your thoughts?



  1. Between the two, my vote goes to Peony. It is such a perfect match. Bubblegum-ish? well, perhaps, but I don't see this as an obstacle. The Pearl Pink is nice, but if it reads as white, where's the fun in that? I can't think of any other colours that would go better, but then again, I can easily be swayed.

  2. I am against the pink! I love the starkness of the white(ish) fabric (SURPRISE, lol). Here is your possible suggestion from left field...what is the colour? of the stems, black, brown or other. You could go with that colour, but you know the mother (I am assuming) and how open she might be with black. I made a bunch of black stuff for a baby this summer and the mother was delighted and the dad over the moon. I think it would be very sharp.


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