Saturday, October 26, 2013

Sometimes the fabric just has to be enough...

Quarter Inch from the Edge isn't just a blog name. It also describes my mental state quite aptly at times. This week would be one of those times. There's no quilt finishes (or even starts) to show off and even the stitch n' bitch session today was less than productive on the sewing front.

In a week with crap-tastic day after crap-tastic day, there were (thankfully) a few highlights. You know the day's looking up when you get to the mailbox and see this....
That's right - the Tragically Hip have a stamp! This is NOT at all important to most people, but for a Canadian of my vintage who graduated from high school and university in the 90s, a lot of good times were had whilst rockin' out to Gord and the boys. And it gets better...
... way better! My first ModQImprov block has arrived, courtesy of the très productive Ms. Adrienne over at Chezzetcook Modern Quilts. I think this block has been kicking my Bee-mates butts. I even heard it broke a sewing machine!
And the next day... Kona, sweet Kona.
My Kona fat quarter of the month package arrived... Emerald, Medium Gray, Ash, and Jade Green. This month's selections are particularly funny given my most recent Kona purchase at my local fabric shop.
Charcoal, Emerald, and Shadow. Too funny. What am I going to make with these, you ask? No idea, my bloggy reader-friend. No idea. But some days, the fabric is enough to make you smile. Not the inspiration for the intended project, not the binding of a finally quilted piece, not the photo shoot of the finished creation, but the fabric. The fabric is enough.

Today, a couple of the Squares popped in for a less-scheduled than usual sew day. I can't say we did a lot of sewing, but there was therapeutic chatting and more fabric shopping. We do have fun when we're together, don't we, Q-B and Q-D? Here's the stack for today!
A motley crew to be sure! But some of them even have a purpose! The dots at the top were just for fun... looking at my Christmas fabric stash, no one could ever be convinced that I "need" more Christmas prints! But I thought they'd go nicely with these owls.
The fabric designers are wise to my addiction and have started on fun selvages. Not fair. Not even close to fair. I actually considered buying 1.5 m of this so I'd get three repeats of the trees. I'm shaking my head as I write that. I am not well. Not even close.
And then there's the Halloween selvages!
This one is destined to become my outfit for Halloween. Nothing too wild, just a skirt to be paired with a black top this week. We'll call it my hommage to a costume. I can't manage make-up, masks, or heavy costume pieces all day long in the classroom!
And to round out my purchases for the day...
A fancy new rotary cutter! Both my Fiskars cutters are in hard, hard shape and the Fiskars site has been down for weeks... of course, I wrote that sentence and did a Google search. Site's back up. Honestly, sometimes I feel like forces are aligning against me. In any case, I have this snazzy new Olfa Splash. I've only had the pizza cutter style of rotary cutter before, so this one's a departure for me. We'll see how it goes!
On the fabric theme for this post, I thought I'd give you a glimpse of Q-B and Q-D's fabric selections for today. There was a whole lot of QADHD going on today, but such is life. One can always just pet the fabric if need be.
I don't care for pink. That phase of my life ended around 1983. But I do love Q-D's selections here! And so will the little girlie this quilt is destined for.
Likewise this selection for a little guy that loves red, blue, and nautical. I can't decide which one I like best.
I busted into my scrap stash after we talked Q-B into that lovely citron and grey stripe fabric. Turns out she didn't have much in her bins that would allow her to make the placemats she was planning. ☺ I may have to go back to the shop tomorrow and buy the rest of that stripe. It's right at home in my stash!

Here's hoping this week's a little better than the last. If all else fails, there's fresh fabric in the stash and a functioning rotary cutter to slice through it. Sometimes, the fabric is enough. It just has to be.



  1. Sometimes, it really only needs to be about the fabric.

  2. I knew you would apprecaite the stamps :) Too funny, I was at Atlantic Fabrics yesterday too and alomost bought that stripe. But I gave myself a talking too and only got the two peices of Kona that I went in for... well and maybe a cool spool of thread.


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