Tuesday, October 01, 2013

ModQImprov Canada - October Edition

It's finally here! My turn to be Queen B!

The ladies from this on-line bee have been asking for a while for some direction on my block. I played it coy and kept saying they'd have to wait until October. Here's the inside scoop. I have been agonizing over what to choose. Even though there have been a lot of blocks chosen already, my options are still wide open. There are so many really great improv blocks out there. Thank God for Pinterest to keep my ideas organized!

I think the big problem is that I'm afraid to lose control. Unlike the Pointer Sisters, I do not like it. I keep wondering if what I choose will be too complicated or that people won't have the colours I'm looking for.

Finally, I've chosen...
beg of may 004
Source: www.13spools.com
Check out the full tutorial here!  Hopefully, this block won't be an obscene amount of work for my Bee mates. I'm looking for the same size block presented in the tutorial - 11½ unfinished.

seaglass hues
Source: Design Seeds
But what colours? Back to Pinterest I go. This time to my Colour board. Seaglass hues it is... greys, greens, and blues with crisp white sashing. In terms of fabric, I'm a big fan of solids and low volume prints.Though I do like balis/batiks, I'd rather they not appear in these blocks.
Okay, everyone! Get stitchin'! ☺
I can hardly wait to see your creations!


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