Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Global Scrap Bee - January Edition!

We're almost halfway through the month and this is the first time I've thought to have a look at my Flickr account to check out what block needs making for the Global Scrap Bee. I'm glad I did! Anna from over at Quilting Along the Grain selected a fun little block that made up my evening's sewing! It didn't take me long to download the free templates from Craftsy.
On to fabric selection! Too bad I don't have much to choose from in the scrap department! These blocks are just 4 inches finished, so I could use up some really small pieces. Sadly, they didn't make much of a dent in the bins! Even now that they're finished, I still can't get the lids on properly!
 First segment done! Don't you just love those scissors? Santa/Himself was very good to me this year!
 I love the mess that happens with projects like this! Scraps and snips everywhere!
Not too much later, I had all my segments done. Where these blocks aren't too big, I opted to make four. I'd hate for Anna to get all her blocks and only be able to make a tote bag! ☺
It's only at times like these when I wish I had one of those rotating cutting mats!
 All trimmed up and ready to assemble!
 She asked for rainbow.... I think I nailed it!
Have I mentioned that sewing makes my day? Hope you found a little time to sew too!



  1. I love those little kaleidoscope blocks! I could make a million of them!
    You know, if i had one of those little spinny cutting mats!
    And you definitely nailed the rainbow! (that really doesn't sound so nice, but you know what i mean!)

  2. Lovely blocks, I am sure your queen Bee will be very happy with those. And good choice of scissors, Santa!
    You don't look like you have nearly enough scraps for the amount of sewing you do. Do you eat them or something?


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