Thursday, January 16, 2014

ModQImprov Canada - January Edition

My ModQImprov posts usually come out on the first of the month, but I didn't have this one done in advance. I'm liking doing each month's block as it comes... it may be my approach for the remaining months of the bee. This month's Queen Bee is Snips from Snips Snippets. You can read all about her request here.  It was lots of fun pulling fabric for this one, especially since the prints needed were just tiny scraps.
Here's the tutorial for these blocks here. I enjoyed working with the scraps and free slicing the angles. I really need to do more improv. It makes me happy every time I do!
They come together quickly... which is good since the blocks are small (just 6 1/2 inches). If you were to make a whole quilt of them, it'd take a while!
I don't normally work with pieces this small, but I kept imagining these blocks made with scraps I have left from other projects. Oh, the possibilities!
I Almost got the four blocks requested done at the Do Bee Sew-in this week-end, but I ran out of Kona Steel. Oh well!
Even though I used Kona Steel, there seems to be some variation in the grey. I hope Snips doesn't mind. Though with 12 people making blocks, there's bound to be some differences anyway!
 I had so much fun that I made a few extras.
I already have my block for next month - Bottled Rainbows! I'm excited, but I'm going to wait until February to start. With a lot of things on my plate, I've gotta take things a step at a time!



  1. Love these blocks. I'm sure Snips will be super excited about them.

  2. Seriously super excited!! They look fantastic! I can't wait to get them and start mixing and matching!
    And definitely no worries about the greys :) I guess i should maybe think about making some of my own eh?!


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