Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Welcome to 2014! Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Everyone in blogland is writing up their New Year's Resolutions. Judging from the posts I've read today, it seems to have reached near epidemic proportions! I keep thinking about what I can do differently to make my quilting better... and have more fun while doing it, of course! You might remember that this blog is also the result of a resolution (if you've been reading it all along) and I'm loving the adventure so far.

I really like the way Dominique over at The Running Thimble broke her resolutions into categories. Imitation being the sincerest form of flattery, I'm copying her here and doing the same! First up...

Quilting Resources
  • No new magazines or books - After making this resolution in January 2011, I haven't bought a quilting magazine in two years and dramatically cut down the acquisitions for my quilting library. I didn't add any books to the shelf that I hadn't already had out from the public library for a test drive.  Gifts (or books purchased with gift cards!) are permitted :)
  • Purge the magazine shelf - Last year, I started going through my magazines and only keeping the ones that had multiple projects I have made/will make. For solo projects, I'll scan the required pages and send the magazine on to a new home (Look out, Bee mates!)
  • Make at least one of the gorgeous Amy Butler patterns I have in my stash
Though I admire the thriftiness and general good sense of  those fine quilters participating in a Fabric Fast à la Fabriholics Anonymous, I'm not jumping on this one. I like buying fabric. I love going to my stash and having just what I'm looking for for a project. When I mentioned the mere idea of a Fabric Fast, Himself asked "Why on earth would you do that? Fabric makes you happy!" Such a sensible man. I may even order some more fabric today before the sales end!
That said, I will commit to:
  • De-stashing some fabrics that I just don't think I will ever use and sending them on to loving homes
  • Making at least two large quilts to give away - using scraps and fabric only from the stash
Last year at this time, I updated my UFO list. I figure I'll do the same this year. I post it at my quilting desk and cross things off as I go. At a couple points this year, everything was crossed off! Another resolution to continue. Here are the items on the WiP list at the moment.
  •  Warm/Cool HST - continue making blocks
  • Kona Table Runner - layer, quilt, & bind
  • Toes in the Sand - Finish last four sets of blocks, piece top, etc.
  • Improv Herringbone (ModQImprov Canada) - complete top once the last 3 blocks arrive
  • Starburst QAL - layer, quilt, & bind

Last year, I donated a set of placemats and a baby quilt to a fundraiser for Ovarian Cancer Canada and made a couple trips to the IWK. This year, I commit to:
  • Donating more quilts to IWK Choices and the Layette Program
  • Encouraging other quilters to purge their UFOs or quilt closets to support these programs

So far, it seems like I'm just keepin' on keepin' on. But new things? 

New Business
I'm joining Adrienne's Library Project. How can you not when you think "duh, why didn't I think of that?" I'm taking a hard look at that shelf above my quilting desk. Stayed tuned for the first Link up for more details on this challenge.
I've really enjoyed making a couple blocks a month for my two virtual bees (Global Stash Bee & ModQImprov Canada) and I loved the Quilt Along I hooked up with in December. So why not combine the two? I've narrowed it down to the paper pieced madness of Alison Glass's Feathers pattern.

 Or a Block of the Month skill building quilt through Pile o' Fabric

Skill Builder BOM 2014
Decisions, decisions! I do think that's enough resolving for one day/year! How about you? What are you resolving for 2014? Please feel free to leave me a note!


P.S. It's fine to resolve to just have fun with fabric! If it's not fun, what's the point? ☺ 


  1. I was tempted by the feathers quilt along, so tempted.

  2. Good for you! It seems you got a good sense on what you like to do!

  3. I like Himself's attitude towards fabric buying :-) I'm jealous that you joined the Starburst QAL; I wanted to because I love that quilt, but I just couldn't find the time. Your quilt looks great, and I like the potential color palette that you have started for your Love of Sewing BOM.

  4. It seems like you have an exciting year ahead! I really like your colors for the giant starburst, that is going to look so great. I haven't mustered up the strength to write out my resolutions or projects list yet, but I also want to clear my stash of things I'm not going to use to make room for things I love!


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