Wednesday, January 08, 2014

WiP - Wishing I had my Toes in the Sand somewhere!

It's a a blustery, blustery day out there. After all that lovely snow last week, we've had a classic Nova Scotian warm up. Rain, fog, and afternoons that look like dusk. I could do more fluffy snow and blue skies! In any case, I decided to make a school night a little more enjoyable and make some time for a project I started back in the summer - the Toes in the Sand BOM from Jaybird Quilts. It makes me think of sunny days, even if I can't see them out my window, especially since each block is named for a California beach! Here are the blocks I've completed thus far...
Eight blocks of twelve! And this week, one more! I'm on to Block 9 - Long Beach. This one's not too taxing - no partial seams or teeny tiny pieces.
Just three more pairs of blocks to do... I thought about setting a goal to have the blocks done by the end of January, but there's been a lot of goals floating around the blogosphere lately. I think I'll just work on it when the spirit moves me! :) It's nice to be making a little progress on something that's been in the hopper for a while now.

My Giant Starburst quilt from the Canoe Ridge Creations QAL has taken a big step. Since I'm back to work this week, I took advantage of the big tables in the art studio to lay out and pin this lovely. I even press ganged a colleague into pinning some of it. She kept saying how it was hurting her fingers to close the pins. Guess my fingers are like leather from all that EPP!
It's a little jumbled up right now, but you can see the quilt in all it's glory here. I have some ideas on how to quilt it, but I've love to hear your suggestions. Feel free to leave me a comment. It's also pretty exciting to me that my LQS brought in this extra wide backing by Riley Blake. Finally, an extra wide print that fits my style!
I'm linking up today for the first WIP Wednesday of 2014 over at Freshly Pieced. I'm really starting to get the hang of this linky business!
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

I've also resolved to have a new perspective on WiP Wednesdays. In the past, they were like a report on what I still hadn't finished. Not so fun. Now, I'm going to celebrate whatever happens to get made! Much more fun. This should be fun, right? Thanks for stopping by!



  1. I've just started a Toes in the Sand quilt! I adore the colours you're using, especially that print with the heaxgons on it!

  2. Those triangle blocks look incredible! I love your color selection.

  3. Both projects are looking great. Yes, and celebrate what does get done in a week.

  4. Those blocks are amazing! I was just staring at them for way too long :) And that backing is coming to look fab with your giant starburst!

  5. Wish my toes were in the sand too! Your blocks are fantastic! Great job, J!
    For the quilting on the giant starburst, how about echo quilting along the star shape?

  6. I love the bright sunny colours yo have chosen, they look great.

  7. Love your blocks and that Riley Blake backing is wonderful.


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