Wednesday, January 29, 2014

WiP - Quilted Starburst, two Qs, and a Deer Start

It wasn't an official Q Squared Quilt Therapy session on Saturday, but there sure was a lot of quality time with two of the Q's. Three of us spent the morning with 138 Sparks (that's our youngest Branch of Canadian Girl Guides). There was singing, crafts, games, and lots of laughter! And these...
Edible campfires to teach the girlies how to build a proper campfire without burning any little fingers. But no quilting...that came later in the day! Q-A got a lesson in EPP - I have turned another to the hexie dark side! And Q-D was up to her usual fabric frenzy. I will state, once again, that I have never seen Q-D's stash in it's entirety. But I want to...

She also has paper piecing issues. This week, I introduced her to Wombat Quilts. She'll never run out of PP inspiration now!
As for me, after all the initial hubbub over Chezzetcook Modern Quilts' Library Project, I hadn't made too much progress on Deer in the Headlights for Young B. Time to get cutting!
This pattern doesn't use any trusty strip piecing. Just oodles of different sized strips. Okay, really it's 6 sizes of blue, brown, and black. But there are 194 of them! Organization is essential in the cutting process, especially when you're a little OCD! ☺
The original pattern called for solid black, but I (gasp!) opted for a variety of tone on tones. The green painter's tape is a trick I picked up from Pile o' Fabric's SkillBuilder BOM. It sticks better than Post-its and, apparently, it doesn't leave any residue.
Here are the blues and browns so far. Guess I should have read the yardage guidelines before I started cutting... oops. Now I've got some brown strips to use up. Some wise crackin' sewing pal said I should make two - one for Young B, one for Himself. I think not.
Turns out, the pattern calls for tonnes of blues! Again with the "should have read before starting." Even after I cut up all the blue prints I had bought, I was nowhere near done. Time to break out the Konas!
Until I get that envelope of US fabric from the Rents, this is as far as I can get in cutting. To keep things organized in the meantime, I find this plastic tray really useful for moving fabric from the cutting phase to sewing. It also allows me to put these aside until I can really get down to work.
Don't worry, there is an actual quilt in this post... I pulled the trigger on the Giant Starburst! After deliberating (and pestering all of you for opinions!), I decided on a thread colour.
MUST QUILT WITH ALL THE COLOURS!!! The Coal Kona got the coloured thread treatment and the Punch, Capri, Wasabi and Persimmon got the grey.  And yes, that is a kilometre of thread. It makes me smile to type that!
There were a few little bumps along the road. Thank goodness for Q-D's mathematical prowess. She is just so darned handy! As is that ergonomic seam ripper that Himself bought me a few Christmases ago!
 Stay tuned for a Finish post soon.... just gotta bind this little lovely!
 I'm linking up with Freshly Pieced for WiP Wednesday... but I bet you guessed that!
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  1. Love the idea of multi-colored quilting! And the tip on the trays, I need to find a few...

  2. Your Deer in the Headlights pattern sounds like some crazy cutting required! Good thing you have it under control;)

    A very wise choice to use all the colors of thread for Starburst!! Very rainbow delicious lol

  3. So many projects going on, I love it! I like looking at all the pretty coloured threads. I was a Sparks leader once, for a short while, but I was with a Guide unit for much longer than that and a District Guider for awhile, too. I miss it, those were fun days but it's also time to try other things. Thank you for sharing your projects.

  4. Love love love the colour choice for quilting that giant star. can't wait to see the finish... in person maybe?

  5. first of all the bonfire picture is adorable! I just love that. The pp pattern with scraps is awesome. I am headed over to wombat to check them out now! Thanks. Great post.
    leeanna Paylor

  6. Love the idea of multiple thread colors. I saw it on a another quilt and it looked so fun.

  7. I am loving your thread selection!

  8. All the colors!!! Yay! It looks so good. Cannot wait to see the finish! I never seem to read the fabric requirements before starting a new project. It's how a lot of my lap quilt ideas have become baby quilts :)

  9. Lots of cutting going on. My fave part of quiltmaking. Your Deer quilt will be fun to make.

  10. Yeah for all the colours!! Can't wait to see it!


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