Sunday, January 05, 2014

Staving off Sundaynightis

Sundaynightis is a terrible thing. It can creep up on me well before nightfall on a sunny Sunday, especially if I've been off work for a bit! To keep this horrible illness at bay, I did a little on-line retail therapy, sewed some more strip-y fun (more on that later this week), and undertook a new challenge for 2014!
Skill Builder BOM 2014
It's the Skill Builder BOM from Pile o' Fabric! I pulled the trigger last night and today, my registration e-mail arrived. Off I went to the website to register and get started. I've never taken on anything quite like this and I think it's going to push my limits, which, from the name, is sort of the point. I've never been very good at appliqué and I suspect it's going to make it's way into these little darlings. 

So far, I've watched the introductory video and read the first few lessons on colour theory and basic supplies. I can earn points towards prizes and giveaways by completing quizzes and uploading pics of my colour decisions and worksheets. Making it like a game totally speaks to me! So far, this on-line course looks to be well worth the 25$ price tag.

The first real task for me is to choose my colours. Is it wrong that I love the colours in the sample and just want to use those? One of the tools offered to help us decide was this little gem - the Palette Builder from Play Crafts. You can upload any pic and it'll give you a six to ten colour palette of Konas! How have I never found this before? It may change my life! So far, I made this from one of my St John's vacation pics...

I know there will be more! And you can shift the pre-selected points to alter the palette. So much fun! I could do this for hours. Must remember this on other sad Sunday evenings...

Anyway, the first blocks to be launched are the ruler and the spools and they're pieced (what a relief there!). But I don't have to worry about those until January 16th. I love that it's an entire quilt laid out in (hopefully) manageable steps. Gotta pick those colours first! Decisions, decisions!

Love being off on a new adventure!



  1. I played with the palette-builder tool this afternoon and I love how it works! Those colourful houses are gorgeous and make a great colour scheme for a quilt. I never knew there was an official name for my end-of-weekend affliction but I also decided to treat my symptoms by filling a virtual shopping cart. So glad to know I'm not the only one.

  2. I love that palette builder! It is so addicting. I really like your vacation photo as well. So many great colors in it. I'm excited to follow you as you work on the skill builder!


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