Sunday, January 12, 2014

Week-end Update!

Another action packed week-end of sewing! On Saturday, we had our first Do Bee sew-in in ages. Q-A (who's a part of every organized quilt thing that I'm in!) booked a community room at a local grocery store. It was perfect! The room is normally used for cooking classes and meetings, so it's equipped with a full kitchen, sturdy tables, and lots of plugs.
Q-A was working on pillow shams and some shattered glass blocks and the other three bee-mates were making Little Dresses for Africa. I've made these simple dresses as a service project at a Girl Scout camp. They're an easy and concrete way to help little girls living in challenging conditions.
I always have a tough time deciding what to sew off site, so I stuck to small projects. I finished Block 10 (Hermosa Beach) of Toes in the Sand. This one's got partial seams, but really they weren't as tough as I've built them up to be.
Then I moved on to Block 11 (La Jolla Cove).  It went together so quickly that I was wishing I had prepared the fabric for the last block.
Instead, I worked away on my ModQImprov blocks for this month. Stay tuned for more on these blocks later this week!
I only stopped because I ran out of Kona Steel! Thankfully, I packed a little quilting project too...
...complete with dorky quilting gloves! They're Machingers and they really do work for reducing neck and shoulder strain. A sew-in wouldn't be complete without a trip to our LQS, so Q-A and I dropped in. Since I was in need of Kona Steel, we headed right to the Kona aisle. Look what they had!
Mini-bolts of Kona! I've been waiting for the White to be re-stocked as I'm down to tiny scraps. The deal at our LQS is that if you buy the whole bolt, you get 20% off. Whee!!! Discounted Kona!!! Q-A and I both succumbed to the deal: her bolt was 4 yards, mine was 7 yards. I know I'll use every last bit of it!

And Sunday's quilty goodness? Block 12 (Big Sur)! The last of Toes in the Sand. Once I've got the background fabric in hand, I can start piecing the top.
Is it wrong that I'm this excited to return these fabrics to my stash? I love tidying up when a stage of a project is complete.
And then... I whipped up something non-quilty. Shocking, right? Q-A and I had a good rummage through the remnant bins yesterday and found some great knitted fabrics for infinity scarves. These have got to be the easiest project ever. Here's a tutorial, though once you read it, you'll see you probably don't need it!
Showing off my new scarf gives me a little something to look forward to this week. A fine bit of preventative medicine for Sundaynightis!



  1. Busy, busy, busy! Love all your blocks, Hermosa Beach is gorgeous! These blocks, are they from a book or is it a pattern you're working from? They look really cool!
    And your ModQImprov blocks are outstanding!! I love them! Though i could be slightly biased as they are coming to me!

  2. You've been busy - again! I am just so impressed with these triangle blocks. I have no intention whatsoever in attempting such a crazy endeavour, but I admire you for taking on this challenge. Looks like good times at the SStore!

  3. You are inspirational....:-)

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  5. It is wrong to be excited to say, I bought a whole bolt of fabric...albeit a mini bolt of only 4 yards.

  6. I love the scarf. I should have bought some. The yellow/blue is the wrong colour for my jacket. LOL

  7. So many great projects, you have been busy! Your improv blocks look really fun especially! And of course you know I love those triangle blocks!


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