Saturday, May 24, 2014

Sew Ins - the best part of the week!

I know, I know... many of you may feel like the best part of the week is Friday night with a glass of wine. Not for this quilty gal. I love a Sew In!

Last week-end, I headed out to Adrienne's (from Chezzetcook Modern Quilts) to get down to business our Sewing Circle Totes. I had my bags sides and ends all ready to go, complete with straps. Phew... those were tough to sew on. Can you believe this is Step 38 (of 89)?
Things are really starting take shape... I wrestled the bag exterior into my machine. I still wonder exactly how I achieved that.
Ta da! So satisfying to reach a step like this one where it actually looks like something! Please note the obligatory movie/TV show playing in the background. Some things never change!
But now... the pockets. There are many! Three feature a zip pocket with a elastic pocket overlay. At least I didn't break any needles on these parts. I did have to talk Ade down off the "Oh God! A Zipper!" ledge a couple times, but she did beautifully!
 Side pockets.... check. Whheee..... Step 75!
 Complete with elastic pocket add on! I think I'll be able to stuff a lot in those pockets!
And then the wheels fell off the wagon. I discovered that I was missing two pieces of fabric for the side pockets. Did I bring the extra fabric with me? Nope. We already spent 4 hours cutting things out last time. I didn't need it. Famous last words. So, whilst Ade finished her bag, I packed up to go home. I couldn't resist packing all my crap in the unfinished exterior. This thing is behemoth!
I had to stop at the beach to console myself... so sad not to have finished when I was so close. Too cold, even for the surfers!
But I had to finish that bag before the next Sew In! No more Sobey's bags for me! First up, those pesky pockets. I opted for the orange print for the ones I didn't finish with Ade. I love how it looks with the Kona Caribean.
Without Ade to remind me, I didn't take many pics of this session. Suffice it to say, there were more broken needles and moments of wondering if my poor little Pfaff was going to make it out of this project alive! But then I found myself on Step 88...
And Step 89 - "Enjoy your finished bag!" Not to worry, Ms. Hartman, I shall! Though this bag was time-consuming, the instructions in the pattern were excellent with photos for every step along the way. Even for "basic skills" like putting in a zipper or gathering elastic, things were spelled out carefully but concisely. I think the pattern would be do-able for most sewists, so long as you're willing to follow things step by step! I wouldn't hesitate to spend the 10 to 15$ price tag for another pattern from this designer.
With my finished bag on my shoulder, I headed out to this week-end's fun - our monthly Sew In with the gang from Maritime Modern Quilt Guild. There were lots of new people there - so exciting. I think we're up to a whopping 17 members. We are small, but we are mighty!

I have to admit, I didn't get much sewing done... but it sure was nice to hang out with some like-minded individuals and soak up the sewing ambiance. I did revive this little gem that's been hanging out on my WiP/Orphan shelf.
Sochi Diamonds... it's been a while! This was my EPP stress reducer during those heady days of Olympics overload.  It's been layered and ready to quilt for a while, so why not?
I know, I know. More straight line quilting... but I wanted the quilting to create more diamonds. Do you see them in there? All that remains is to trim and bind it.

I also made some decisions about this...
Well... maybe... you'll just have to wait and see to be sure.

Sew Ins.... definitely in my top ten best ways to spend a day!



  1. Sewing Circle Tote = AWESOME! Beautiful! I really need to get around to making mine. Gorgeous beach shot - not such view here on the prairie so I'm a tad bit envious! Super enjoyed reading about this. Congrats on a great finish! (PS - Love Mad Men!)

  2. I'm impressed by this bag you made with Adrienne! You've done a brilliant job. Love the result. Great seeing your photo over at Adrienne's!

  3. It was lovely meeting and chatting you at the Sew In and your bag is beyond amazing!!!

  4. We totally rocked the bags! Thank you again for going on that Journey with me. I probably would never have done it alone

  5. Your bag is just amazing! You did such a great job! and I love your ironing board cover too! One of my faves. How are you going to finish the edge of your Sochi Diamonds? I didn't get as much sewing done as I had hoped at the Sew-In, but what the heck, the conversation and the learning and the inspiration sure trumps productivity. IMHO

  6. Wow! That bag was a lot of work but the finished piece is incredible. Your colour/fabric choices were spot on. I love them. I'm not one for making bags but this one would tempt me, even with 89 steps.

  7. Lots super complicated but it came out amazing! Beautiful work :)

  8. Holy crap! 89 steps?! I've been thinking about trying it but with that many steps i may need to pass that one by! Yours looks awesome though! Great job :)


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