Wednesday, May 14, 2014

WiP Wednesday - Deadline approaching!

Well, it's not like I didn't have 9 months or so to get myself together and make a baby quilt for the newest addition to my extended family, but now I'm scrambling just a little. His welcome party is on Monday and I've gotta get movin'!

Thankfully, the order from Hawthorne Threads that I crowed about last week was all washed and mostly ironed, so could layer the quilt on the week-end. Apparently, there's been some rumblings out there about spray basting... I love using it for small projects like mini quilts, placemats, and baby quilts. I'm still a dedicated safety pinner for bigger stuff... what's your poison? Ever had any issues with spray baste? It's always worked perfectly for me...
On to the quilting... and the dorky gloves. I went with a thread that matches the aqua in the backing perfectly. I didn't want the quilting to stand out a great deal, but I did want to emphasize the diagonal trend in the top. You can see better pics of the finished top here!
The quilting went so quickly on this one! Before I really even got into my quilting grove, I was done! I'm pretty pleased with myself that I remembered to topstitch my quilt label onto the backing. I don't like for the stitching to show on the top, so I pin the top out of the way and only stitch through the batting and backing. The trick is that I have to remember to do it before the project is fully quilted! ☺

Now to choose the binding... we're not talking majority rule, dear readers. But I would love to hear your opinions!

Option 1: Kona Poppy - it really pops, but I'm worried it will be too much with the grey and white top. It's already pretty stark.
Option 2: Kona Robin Egg. It blends pretty perfectly with the backing and matches the stitching on the top. Where this is a quilt for a little boy-o, there's no issue with blue! 
Who knows - I might even have this one done for a Friday Finish! It's been a while since one of those! ☺

I'm linking up with WIP Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced, as well as The Needle and Thread Network!

Have a great Wednesday... and wishing the happiest of birthdays to my fabulous quilt-y pal, Adrienne!



  1. Oh man, that is a tough choice. Either color would look great! I think I would lean towards the blue. I think that would look really nice with the grey and white on the front.

  2. I think for this quilt the blue would be a great choice for the binding! Great quilt!

  3. Robin Egg Blue! Can't linger. I have my own deadlines and being a procrastinator, well, you'll understand! lol

  4. I love the red with the backing but think the blue works better with the front.

  5. I would choose the aqua blue for the binding. I pin most of my big quilts and spray baste the smaller ones. When I spray baste I make sure I iron it before quilting to get all the lumps out. Nice work!

  6. I love this so much! I can't wait to see the finished project. I have been dying to do a completely black and white quilt top with a pop of color for the binding for awhile, and this one with your grey is just stunning.

    I vote the blue!!

  7. I love the fox fabric for the back, lots of fun--I've been dying that fabric for the past few weeks. Would love to see the finished front.

  8. The poppy made me say OOH! The blue is OK, but not as exciting to my eye.

  9. Do I really even need to say anything? My standard answer "everything is better with....." applies here. :-)

    1. I was actually going to put something in the post that said you didn't need to formally state your vote... :)

  10. My vote goes for red - not surprising - but it is a tough choice. They are both nice. The blue goves the front a softer look, but the red gives it a nice zing. Oh, and I never spray basted - dedicated pin baster here too.

  11. My vote: red. It frames the foxes, giving the eye a definite edge or ending, & looks lovely with the gray. The blue, while a pretty color, is too light and disappears.


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