Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Tuesday Stash!

It's not Sunday, but I'm stash sharing anywho! I love it when an overstuffed squishy envelope arrives in my mailbox! It's like Christmas, and birthdays, and well, you get the idea. So much so that I just couldn't wait to share these treasures with you. I couldn't even wait for better light... excuse the watery yellow evening glow! ☺

First off, some little red foxes - Fox and the Houndstooth to be exact! It's destined to to be the backing that livens up this recent project. It'll be quilted in aqua thread and a bordered with solid red. How's that for a pop of colour?
And as if this fabric couldn't get any better... check out that selvage! Bow ties! Oh, Robert Kaufman. You know how to make a selvage junkie smile!
And once that practical (nothing says practical like foxes with monocles) purchase was made, I went a little wild! These matryoshka dolls were just too lovely to pass up. And their selvage is not too shabby either!
Himself rarely chimes in on fabric purchases, but when I showed him Ribs and Bibs, he actually requested a BBQ apron. That's right, my husband wants an apron. A manly apron, of course!
One item that never fails to please from Hawthorne Threads is their Scrap Pack. I've ordered the "Fresh" version three times now and have received some real treasures. Maybe on my next order, I'll branch out into the "Warm" or "Cool" packs. All this loveliness for $6.99. What a steal!
And then there's this... destined to be the feature print of two very special upcoming quilts. I couldn't resist Wild by Wee Gallery. I love a print with unusual animals and I think it will pair nicely with my beloved Kona solids.
 Who can say no to a fabric featuring narwhals? Not me, that's for sure!
 And I didn't even see these little critters in the preview pics! Hedgehogs... it's meant to be.
 Thanks for coming on my gushy, overexcited tour of today's mailbox treasures!



  1. oh my goodness. I just gave myself a stern talking to over myown mail parcels. Three! And now you tell me about this cuteness! I won't, I can't, I probably shouldn't check out the link. oh dear....

  2. Wonderful stuff! That little hedgie sure is cute!!

  3. How is it possible that you bought 3 of the fabrics I've been eyeing?!? I actually had those first 3 in my cart a couple of times but talked myself out of it. Damn my cheapness!

  4. My nickname in high school was narwhale ( long story) lol

  5. Nice little haul there girlie! Love that Alphabet print!!

  6. Lovin' your new fabrics and having selvedge envy! And that ScrapPack looks awesome. I will be checking that out for sure. Your houndstooth quilt will be amazing with the foxes on the back. Very cool!

  7. What a fun group of fabrics! Thanks for the tip on that scrap pack, I just ordered a couple.. so excited!

  8. I want all of this. all of it


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