Friday, December 20, 2013

Finish up Friday - Give it away now!

Hey all!

There's lots of finishing up going on around here these days, though it seems like very little of it is quilting related. Wrapping presents, buying a tree, baking cookies. It's holiday prep at it's finest. With my machine in for service, it seems like I've started more quilting projects than I've finished this week. I hesitate to quilt anything on my dear old Kenmore. She's just a little unpredictable sometimes!

Anyway, back in the spring (as you can tell from the pics), I finished a quilt that had been hanging around for a long time.... and I forgot to share it with you. It's called Child's Play and was taken from a quilting magazine so long ago that I no longer know which one! The print from which the other colours are selected is actually leftover from Miss K's baby quilt. You know Miss K - she got this quilt back in July for her 13th birthday!
 It wanted to go to the playground, so off we went!
I think part of the reason this quilt went unfinished for so long was that I wasn't 100% satisfied with how the sashing stars turned out.  My piecing wasn't very exact back in the day. I loathe, and I do mean loathe, taking things apart, so it was either accept it or not work on it. It took embracing modern wonkiness to feel like these were okay. Thank goodness for wonkiness! I quilted it on the diagonal... my old stand-by!
The backing is a little something I picked up on a Marden's trip. Very bright, but it suits the top! And with those little teal stars in the sashing, the binding just had to be teal.
So why am I sharing this so long after it's completion? Well, today, it (and a few others) are going on a little trip. I've got a this quilt, the Double Irish Chain Redux, and a lunch box challenge quilt that are headed over to the IWK. Q-A also contributed some baby quilts and a snuggle sized quilt. When I dropped off quilts last spring, the Volunteer co-ordinator said that they really love getting bigger quilts. The teens that come for the Choices (Mental Health & Addictions program) with next to nothing. I can only imagine that a quilt would give them some comfort. I know quilts make a big difference to me when I'm having a rough day.
So, quilt-y people, here's hoping you can have a look in your UFO pile and find a quilt that deserves a new home. Or even dive into that stash or those scrap bins and make a little something special when you've got the time.'Tis the season, right?

P.S. And I'm linking up with Thank Goodness it's Finished Friday! I can see this linking up business being fun!


  1. So bright and fun, Jenn! This will definitely bring a smile to a teenager's face. Very thoughtful!

  2. I had one more for you but forgot....


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