Wednesday, December 04, 2013


Ack! I've been doing such a good job keeping up to date with my ModQImprov blocks, but I've just not been giving the same attention to the blocks from my other on-line endeavour, the Global Scrap Bee. I just realized that I haven't even mailed the block I completed for October.
The Queen Bee was thinking ahead to Christmas and asked us to make any 'ole block we liked in Christmas prints. When I made this, I knew what it was called. A few months later... not so much.
Next up...Leigh Ann over at  Ella's Cottage (a sister member of the MMQG!) requested log cabin blocks. Each of the bee mates was to choose a colour. I opted for orange!
I wasn't sure which way to press the seams... toward the white felt natural, but I was afraid the orange would show through. So, another experiment - pressing the seams open. The verdict? Time consuming, but perhaps worth it on small projects.
 And here they are all finished, posing in the Hawaii Suite (a.k.a - the spare room).
And then I went all crazy! I was so excited about the December block that I couldn't help myself. Polaroids! Check out a tutorial here. I was so excited to get going that I failed to read the Queen Bee's full instructions and the fabrics I selected weren't quite right. She requested girl-y prints for an I Spy style quilt for her daughters.
 Back to the cutting mat! These are a little more girl-y!
Even though only one block was requested, I made a bunch. They're tiny (3.5 by 4 inches) and very quick to put together. I couldn't resist cutting into some fabric destined for another baby quilt. I do love a good hedgehog!
These blocks are traveling all the way to Italy to live with Nesta of Ella & Nesta's Little Room.

Off to the post office I go tomorrow!



  1. Replies
    1. I'm totally addicted. I think we should do a swap for Q-Squared!

  2. A little scary Jenn.....I counted 5 prints in this post that I have. And you my solids inspiration!

    1. Wow... you have great taste, Barb! But if you could see my stash, you'd better understand the high probability of having the same fabrics as I do!

  3. Love that Nesta caught the Polaroid bug!

  4. I love the Hula dancer. She would make a great Polaroid.

  5. I love the little mermaid, and I second QD!


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