Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Round-up for 2013!

Looking through my quilt-y pics for this year, it's been a busy, busy 12 months! The rough count to date is 9 large quilts, 14 baby quilts, 3 sets of placemats, 5 wall hangings, 7 pillows, 3 table runners, 3 mini-quilts, 13 bee blocks, and 1 tree skirt. I'm tired just from counting. I'm pretty sure this is one of my most prolific quilting years ever - Himself would agree!
I'm pretty proud of my quilt-y achievements this year:
  • teaching myself to do English Paper Piecing (a growing addiction)
  • reducing my WIP list to a smokin' mass (not literally!)
  • signing up for Bloglovin' (and lovin' it!)
  • signing up for Craftsy (and also lovin' it!)
  • figuring out how to add various widgets and links to my blog
  • donating 4 large and 10 baby quilts to the IWK
  • attending the first meeting of the Maritime Modern Quilt Guild
Who knows what the new year will bring, but I'd be willing to bet there will be quilts - lots of quilts - and likely some blogging about it!



  1. Prolific year indeed. Add to your list that you gave a presentation to your guild and inspired other people (at least one) to start their own blog!

  2. I added this one to the Year in Review Link Party at Sarah Quilts!

  3. Oh wow, you made a lot! Pretty colorful mosaic indeed.

  4. Looks like a fabulous year! Love your work.

  5. and a partridge in a pear tree!! What a list! :D I am really loving the quilt top row, on the right, with the yellow centers rainbowing out to aqua. Very striking! I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what you get up to in 2014!

  6. You should be proud. I am still working on some of those very things and trying to take it all in. Here is too a new year and more accomplishments!!

  7. I love your colourful quilts. So happy looking.

  8. Nice!! That's a lot of work for one year. I think the second row - all the way to the right is my favorite. Thanks for linking up Jenn!


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