Sunday, December 01, 2013

Sew flippin' busy!

It's been a busy week... when isn't it? No one ever says, "Oh yeah... this week just crept by. So slow, so relaxing." But it was momentous in a few ways!

To kick off the week, I had a meeting of Mariners Quilt Guild on Monday evening. I'd really been looking forward to this one because the theme for the weekly strip exchange was Konas. Ahh... Konas. I kept wondering what fun and exciting colours I'd get to take home with me! Wonder no more! Here's the haul!
If I'm being honest here, I'd say I was....underwhelmed at the selections. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that, but brown? There are 271 colours to choose from. Oh well. 
Now the game of Name-that-Kona begins! I'm pretty sure these are Cardinal, Carrot, and Orange from front to back.
 And these purples are lovely... if a little reminiscent of something I finished this summer.
 The blues and teals probably make me happiest... mind you, I did contribute that lovely Capri on the right!
 I was feeling so jazzed about the Kona exchange that I prepared for the evening's program. Quelle surprise! I chose some Konas. These are actually my most recent fat quarter of the month selection from Sew Sisters... Emerald, Medium Grey (really, that's the best name you could come up with?), Jade Green, Ash, and Pepper (from front to back).
The program was a folded star block... here's how far I've gotten! I need to stitch down the outer edge of this layer before I can add more triangles.
I'll keep you posted on this one! I'm more than a little afraid of the circle appliqué for that covers the edges of all those triangles. Appliqué just plain 'ole makes me nervous...

On Tuesday, I did the next step of the Canoe Ridge Creations Quilt Along - cutting! I had some troubles getting the pieces required out of the yardage given. Q-A determined that in order to do so, you'd need a 41 inch WOF. Not easily achieved, especially if you pre-wash. Luckily, I had bought a little extra and only needed more Kona Punch. I'm pretty excited that Q-A and Q-B have decided to jump on the QAL bandwagon. Now if we could just get Q-D interested. You could always do it all in reds, Q-D!
And then came Wednesday evening! The highlight of my week! "Wednesday, A highlight?" I hear you saying... most people don't feel that way, I know. But this Wednesday was exceptional. Amidst a nasty Nova Scotian November rainstorm (the kind where the wind howls all night and you're drenched to the skin from a 10 metre dash from the house to the car), we had the first meeting of.....
The Maritime Modern Quilt Guild
Maritime Modern Quilt Guild
It's so fun to be in on the ground floor of something new... something made just for those of us who are quilting with a more modern aesthetic! There were a number of bloggers around the table (you can check out their blogs on the sidebar of the MMQG website).... so cool to meet them in person! We were small in number (just 7 in person and 2 via video link), but we made some big decisions about the direction of our guild. Monthly meetings AND monthly sew in's! I can hardly wait until January...we're keeping it simple and taking December with it's myriad of commitments off!

I can't say I got a tonne of actual sewing done this week, but I sure was thinking about it. I've even used it as a carrot to get the first stage of my mountain of report cards written. Speaking of which, enough blogging about it... time to get some sewin' done!

Hope you found time to cram in a little sewing this week! If not, better luck next week! ☺



  1. Ah, c'mon, only a couple browns - look at the vibrant oranges, the aquas, the purples... It's not that bad. That folded star looks real good in solids.
    Looking forward to the January sew-in!


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