Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Quilt-y Christmas!

Well, the tree is decorated, Miss K and Mr J's gingerbread houses are covered in icing and candy (as were they), the presents are wrapped, the groceries are purchased... must be time for... the Christmas collapse. I'm confined to the couch with a Christmas cold/flu. Oh well, at least I can blog and watch The Grinch!

My love of decorating for Christmas is forever at odds with the number of Rubbermaid totes I have to pack under the stairs each year! I love tree ornaments and have so much trouble resisting the urge to buy more. On the quilting front, I didn't really think that I had a lot of quilted Christmas items... until I started writing this post! ☺

Christmas decor is so special to me that I never just want to make any old thing for Christmas. I want it to be just right... since it will likely be a part of our traditions for years! The perfect example is this year's addition - the asterisk tree skirt.
It took me years to find just the right tree skirt! I made two prototype skirts last Christmas in an attempt to find just the right one! I blogged about the making of this one here. If you're looking for a tutorial on how to make the blocks, look no further!  I'm more than a little obsessed with this Valori Wells print from the Wrenly Christmas line. I almost hated to use it as backing... then again, there's still some on the bolt at my LQS. Can you say Boxing Day sale?
The same print makes an appearance in my new pillow covers. I started the hexie pillow last week-end with thoughts that I might finish it for next year. But those hexies are just so addictive. And I couldn't have just one pillow on the couch, right? I'm already plotting more for next year - maybe even as gifts!

A couple years ago, Q-D showed up at a Quilt Therapy session with these little paper pieced darlings. I couldn't resist (neither could Q-B!) and ended up making two.
I love hanging it up at the beginning of December. I've had requests to make this one as a gift, but I just can't face those borders again!

Another paper pieced project - the infamous stockings. Our family likes a big stocking... it's not greed, it's tradition! Himself didn't have a stocking with his name on it... yet another family tradition... so I made him one. But didn't manage my own until at least a year later!
One of these years, I might break down and made a Christmas couch quilt. I really want one, but it always seems like so much work for such a short time. And where to store it the other eleven months of the year?

As we're all hustling about putting the finishing touches on what we hope will be a perfect holiday, I'll leave you with a little insight from our pal, the Grinch.
Merry Christmas, dear reader! Enjoy whatever it brings, even a partially cooked turkey or a collapsible table collapsing during dinner. They can't happen more than once, right?



  1. Your tree skirt looks amazing! Merry Christmas!

  2. The borders really are the worst part of the quilt, the trees are a lot of fun to make.

    Hope you are feeling better.

  3. Love your tree skirt. I've promised myself to make one next year.
    Hope you're better and enjoying the celebrations.

  4. Hi Jenn. Marsha from QuilterinMotion.net here. Thought I'd stop by and see what's happening over here at "quarterinch". WOW and again, WOW. I love paper-piecing and your tree wallhanging makes me green, and I hate to admit it's envy not Grinch. Now I know I have to stop thinking about making one and do it! Love the tree skirt as well; best use for the asterisk I've seen yet. Stockings....wow again. Every time I scrolled to the next picture it was another WOW. I have the couch quilt..but you are way ahead of me with quilt-y Christmas items. Keep us the amazing work, and thanks for stopping over at QIM.


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