Sunday, December 15, 2013

Pre-Christmas Productivity!

This week-end, I cranked up the productivity dial to 11! With Christmas only a week and a half away, I'm getting into the spirit a little more. My thoughts are turning to what last minute gifties I can whip up!

Saturday was a Quilt Therapy session with Q-Squared. We had great time, though we were down a Square. Q-B had a vehicular altercation with a deer this week (don't panic, she's okay!), so she was stuck in T-dot for the day. We didn't get a tonne of sewing done - but we did have a tasty lunch at the Wooden Monkey and a trip to our LQS. I made something out of this....
Not very quilt-y... I know. But it did make two nice Christmas gifts! Can't reveal though - more items in the QPPP! Q-A brought a number of projects for quilting consults - including her version of the Canoe Ridge Creations Starburst QAL. Her main project is also in the QPPP. It's a tough time of year to blog about projects!

Q-D brought along this lovely - she's working along on no less than three quilts for some newly adopted siblings. This one's for the youngest - a five year old boy who loves red, blue, and nautical. I'd say this one'll be a hit!
And then there's the quilt she started on Saturday for her brother - for Christmas!!! It's going to look something like this. But right now, it looks like Q-D's going for the Guinness World Record for the longest continuous strip of pieced quilting!
Once I finished up my Christmas QPP project, I started on a little something I'm calling Alice in Woodsy-Land. It's (yet another!) baby quilt. I feel in love with this print at my LQS and bought what was left on the bolt. For the rest, I hit the Kona stash and pulled these colours - Chartreuse, Kumquat, Capri, and Bison (left to right).
 I didn't have a firm plan when I began this project. I knew I wanted to fussy cut those cute animals for the centres of the blocks and play with those Konas!
They turned out to be 3 inch squares and I decided to border them with 2½ inch strips.

Sunday was snow day! Our region got walloped by nor'easter - many centimeters of snow that ultimately turned to ice pellets and nasty rain. A perfect day to stay home and sew! And continue working on Alice in Woodsy-land!
My usual machine is in the shop, so I'm rockin' the Kenmore for the next little bit. I won't go in to all the things I miss about my Pfaff, but I will say that piecing is just not as accurate without my dedicated quilting foot and my built in walking foot. It meant having to trim my blocks down to a more regular size when finished. The fabric designers have to stop with these adorable selvages... I just can't resist them!
I opted to alternate the pieced blocks with 6½ blocks of the print. It still left me with lots to use as the backing! With this lay-out, the quilt is 30 inches square when finished. I thought about bumping it up to 36 inches, but ultimately decided this was a good size for strollers and cribs. I always struggle with what size to make baby quilts!
With the alternating light print and relatively dark Konas, it seemed best to press the seams open when sewing my rows. Still not sold on this technique!
Here she is - already to quilt. That'll have to wait until my Pfaff comes home. Fingers crossed that it's soon!
The binding's even pieced and ready to go!
I also finished the top of a Christmas giftie for my Nanny. I think I'll save it for another day - you've been reading long enough methinks! I do have one last pic for you though....
A Christmas hexie project just for me! It likely won't be finished until next year, but I like the idea of having a little something to stitch on during the holidays.

How about you? Working away like one of Santa's elves on last minute gifties? Whatever you're doing, I hope you make a little time for what you love this time of year!



  1. you are way too productive. After cleaning my sewing room so that I could get to the table, wrapping presents and doing cards, I didn't even get to the machine! Loving the baby quilt!

    1. Ah, but I don't write cards anymore and the presents aren't wrapped. Different types of productivity! ☺

  2. Love the baby quilt, Jenn. I am not a big fan of owls, but these ones? Oh yeah! Too cute. Love how you matched this cutesy print with the solids for a clean sharp look.


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