Sunday, December 08, 2013

Quiltin' Along on a Week-end!

Fabrics chosen. Check. Pieces cut. Check. Up next, sewing! This whole quiltalong thing is even more fun and motivational than I thought it would be! In case you forgot what I chose, here's the Kona money shot for this post! Charcoal, Capri, Wasabi, Persimmon, and Punch. Yum.
First off, the Punch and Persimmon chevrons. I won't go into detail on instructions. You can head over to Canoe Ridge Creations and read for yourself (only not right now, okay?) Out came the trusty Frixion pen to mark the background squares. The purple showed surprisingly well on the Charcoal.
Then I had to slice off the excess triangles. Q-A will not be pleased at this "waste" of fabric. I'm already plotting how I can re-purpose those off cuts into something else... probably another baby quilt!
First step done. Doesn't look like much, eh?
But with the opposite side of the block done, they really start to look like something!
On to the Capri and Wasabi blocks! I have never made this large a HST. Never. I had to include my hand so you'd have a sense of just how freakin' big these are.
That's all the complex piecing done... now I can make blocks! These "blocks" are 20 inches square. It's tough to call it a block when it's that darned big... but given how quickly they go together, they do feel like blocks. Halfway there! Please ignore the design floor and focus on the Kona-y Starburst-y loveliness.
 I've never made this large a quilt with just 9 blocks! ☺
And as I sat down to write this post, with the December sun setting outside my window, I realized that I forgot to take a pic of the finished top. Oops! But I'm sure you'll come back again, dear reader. I mean, there's still quilting and binding to go on the Canoe Ridge Creations Starburst QAL! Himself announced that he really likes this one. He'd even go as far as to deign to use it as his couch quilt (for the LazyBoy... but we still call it a couch quilt!). As if he'll be able to pry this one from my hands once it's done!

Are you quilting along anywhere these days? Know of any good ones coming up? Please share in a comment... I think I might have been bitten by the QAL bug!



  1. Hi Jenn, I am loving this quilt. I am not quilting along, but I can see a quilt like this in the future.

  2. You know I said wasted fabric!! But they are now HST's and sewn into a baby quilt. You know me so well. LOL I'm loving large blocks!!!

  3. Great colours! I've never done a quiltalong or a bee -- afraid of more ufo's --but hope one day I will be organized enough!


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