Monday, December 02, 2013

ModQImprovB Canada - December Edition!

This month's Queen Bee requested a shattered glass block. Not familiar with it? Me neither - here's the tutorial from the Undercover Crafter. In terms of colours, she was looking for a white background and expressed a love of hot pink/fuschia, emerald, and turquoise.
The block was a little tricky in that the thin strips don't always line up. But then the tutorial said they didn't need to... that made me feel better! The block went together quickly (always a plus in my books!) We made 14 inch blocks (as requested), but I think a smaller block might suit my future projects a little better. I'm still loving making the Improv blocks for ModQImprov Canada. It's amazing the blocks people find on the internet! This one is making its way to Texas as I type...



  1. And you are up and blogging early this morning! Cool block.

  2. That's an intriguing block, a wonderful way to use up all those thin leftover strips! And how nice that the strips don't have to match up!

  3. Might be tempted to try this...great job!!


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