Friday, January 22, 2016

Finish - A Mini Mini Cuppa for Q-D

Yup. I'm addicted. Another mini mini.

Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, at our very first Q-Squared Quilt Therapy session, Q-D brought a certain quilt to work on. When I hadn't seen it in forever in a day (much less completed), I asked after the "Hot Chocolate" quilt. She looked mystified. Apparently, what I remembered as paper pieced mugs of hot chocolate were, in fact, mittens.

And thus, the idea for a mini mini was born! I got to digging about on the  internets and then I found the fabulous paper piecing patterns of Tiny Toffee Designs. My goodness, she has some tiny, tiny paper piecing patterns! Given how tiny these pieces are, it seemed best to do a little colouring to keep things straight.
The funny thing is I coloured willy nilly - before this fabric pull! Q -D loves, I mean LOVES, Carolyn Friedlander prints. So it was my goal to get lots into this wee quilt.
And off I went! These pattern pieces are very, very wee.
I used this little pic as a test to see if the mug would have enough contrast with this background. Digital cameras - not just for documenting your progress!
Mini minis are so very satisfying! And entirely doable during naptime... so long as DT (visible on screen in the blurry background) stay asleep.
I love my 12 inch rotating mat. Not so much for the rotating aspect, but more so because it fits so nicely beside my machine - perfectly positioned for trimming paper piecing.
Because I actually shortened my stitch length before starting (as recommended by pp experts everywhere), it wasn't a nightmare to take the paper off. Go figure!
All quilted and ready to bind... I kept it pretty minimal. The wavy lines are meant to be steam coming off the hot chocolate in the mug!
I planned to use Yvonne @ Quiting JetGirl's tutorial for selvage binding, but none of the CF prints used in the mini mini actually featured her name. Ack.
I had to break one of my hard and fast rules ("NEVER remove selvage before using the yardage"), but Q-D is worth it!

I carefully positioned CF's name for maximum readability. Q-D cares about that sort of thing! And I care that this fabric was "Kona Coordinated" ☺
In a break with my usual handstitching shenanigans, this binding got machine sewn. Quick and dirty! And voilĂ ... complete with an inscription on the back!

I'm linking up today with TGIFF @ Quilt Journal as well as with Finish Up Friday @ Crazy Mom Quilts.


P.S We swapped last night at our MMQG meeting. Q-D loved it! But I bet she'll leave a comment saying as much! ☺


  1. What a great little mini quilt. It's very tiny. I've never seen selvedge used as binding before, interesting.

  2. What a great story! The mini mini is adorable.

  3. I love it! What a teeny tiny mini mini! The cup is perfect and you nailed it...nailed it Jenn!

  4. Oh, I love it, Jenn! And perfect use of a selvage binding. The wavy steam quitled lines were actually the first thing I noticed and I think a perfect touch.

  5. That little tiny heart is so cute! Very nice make.

  6. It is too cute! I love how tiny it is, everything is just so much cuter and fun when it's mini sized. :) I'm glad your friend loved it, it's wonderful!

  7. This is so very mini.... And so very pretty! I can see how this kind of project would be a good fit with nap time sewing. Love the fabrics you chose! And the binding is da bomb!

  8. love your little cuppa with the adorable little heart! And your right, sometimes it just feels good to have projects that you can easily finish!

  9. Awesome job! So glad I was able to see it in person last night. Amazed that you cut off the selvedge of unused fabric....true love.

  10. I love the mini mini quilt hashtag on Instagram, they're all so adorable! This turned out great, I've never seen selvage binding before but it's perfect!

  11. tiny is cute and yours is no exception! well done!

  12. I do love my mini "Cuppa". Thank you so much. The story behind it makes it that much more special. I really enjoy making mini minis!!!

  13. How cute is that?!? The tinier, the cuter!

  14. Mini minis are perfect for detailed little patterns like this. The wavy steam lines are just right, and your tiny pieces show dedication to the cause.
    So modern baby monitors now have pictures as well as sound? How cool is that!

  15. Bet she loved it! It's adorable!


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