Saturday, January 30, 2016

Coming soon... Throwback Thursday {Volume 7}!

Things have been pretty focused on The Year of the Stash around these bloggy parts lately. And with all the time spent frolicking in one's stash à la Scrooge McDuck (go ahead... click it. You know you want to.), you might have forgotten that this coming week is the monthly installment of Throwback Thursday!
There's still lots of time to take some pics and write a post. And it's well worth it this month. Fabric Please! is sponsoring another wonderful giveaway!

See you on Thursday, February 4th!



  1. I'm really thinking about writing up a manifesto....I took a few pictures of my stash locations and realized I may have a problem....I may have to try and get my grandmother's quilt outside to get some pictures :)

  2. I found something old in the cupboard! Off to write a draft post now.


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